Acquisition process

For business owners who have arrived at the informed decision that acquisition is their route to expansion, we offer a proactive service tailored to individual requirements. Firstly we will appraise your own business structure, strengths and weaknesses, a vital process prior to entering into acquisition mode. We can talk you through the necessary steps you need to take to become ‘transaction ready’.

Identifying the right target is critical.   We will help you identify the ‘best fit’ target businesses, whether within your existing sector (a competitor or a similar business in a new geographical area) or an acquisition in a synergetic sector to yours which provides a natural overlap of client base or operational efficiencies.  We will source relevant acquisition targets and advise on the best tax structure for your specific circumstances.

Once we have identified suitable targets with you we will make the approaches on your behalf.  This is beneficial in two key areas; firstly it can preserve your confidentiality, so word does not ‘get out’ amongst your competitors, customers or staff of your intentions.  Secondly, due to the professionalism of our approach and our reputation as specialists, we can often ease the path to an initial discussion by marking out your approach as being serious and credible.

Once discussions have been instigated, hitting the key points early can save time, effort and money later in the process.  We attend initial meetings with you, identify key acquisition issues at an early stage and discuss our findings and recommendations with you in a clear, concise and cost effective way.  None of our clients like wasting time and money on non-starters and neither do we.

We will lead negotiations, predominately striving to achieve terms which are favourable to you, but also taking into consideration the personal tax position of the target.  This ensures that the deal is perceived as ’fair’ by both parties, reducing the risk of withdrawal at the legal stages when costs will have already increased substantially.

As lead advisers, we work with you through every stage and deal management is one of our core services.  We work hard to minimise delays, reduce disruption to the business, maintain confidentiality and co-ordinate the expectations of all parties (and their advisers).  This requires experience, attention to detail, a sense of the action and a cool head – attributes that can only be developed over time and with experience.


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