Business Growth Services

Development Strategy

At JDC we work alongside our clients to identify and implement the strategic options that will generate a sustainable increase in profits, and ultimately maximise shareholder value. This is achieved through a ‘hands on’ and bespoke service that combines our expertise and depth of experience, delivered in a personal manner with a defined critical path offering practical solutions detailing exactly how each objective will be achieved.

Often directors or owner managers will recognise a point in the lifecycle of their business when it is necessary to assess their ongoing business development strategy. We offer an expert, informed, third party assessment of your business, identifying any ‘sleeper cells’ which may cause disruption or hinder growth in the short to medium term if left unaddressed. Our objective is to mould comprehensive and pithy strategies that have real commercial substance and value.

How we work…

The senior members of the JDC team can call on years of in-depth corporate advisory and business growth expertise, combined with the ability to provide strategic insight and a rigorous analysis of your business, quickly getting to the heart of any operation and shaping a strategy for growth. We are able (and not afraid) to ask the tough questions and challenge the preconceptions of a business owner in order to stress test current strategies and fully understand what has worked, and also what has not. Here is a small sample of the questions we challenge our clients with in assessing their strategy.

  • Where do you intend the business to be (financially, operationally and commercially) next year and in five years’ time?
  • What will drive growth? What are the risks attached to the plan? Are you reliant on a small number of markets, clients or key individuals to achieve the plan? What will be the effect if you lose them? How do you mitigate the risk?
  • What are the CAPEX and OPEX requirements for growth? Will acquisitions or other M&A activity be anticipated?
  • How will the business finance growth? What will the cash flow requirement look like in 12 and 24 months’ time? What are the shareholders’ expectations in the medium to long term?
  • What are the top five priorities for the business? Increased sales? Profits? Cash flow? Headcount? Brand reputation?

What makes us different…

Once we know your business, we work with you to develop strategies to drive growth and through our broader business growth services provide additional resource and expertise in order to help fill the gaps in your current operation. Through our rare combination of strategic planning, business growth and transaction expertise we are able to bring a unique and unrivalled mix of capabilities and experience to your business, as your key advisers, aiming to deliver access to some of the highest quality and cost effective professional advice available.


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we are based in Norwich and have office facilities in London. Get in touch on 01603 703177 or contact us here