Business Growth Services


As a company evolves through its lifecycle, there may be times when it underperforms or where there is a need for the experience of an individual with the specific expertise to effect change. Such pressure points often occur after a period of rapid growth or as a result of a major isolated event, such as the failure of a large customer. If not addressed at an early stage, the resulting problems can threaten a company’s survival.

Often directors have little or no experience of resolving the issues arising in these difficult and stressful circumstances and need the input of an independent specialist who can step into a hands on advisory role within the business.

The Business Growth team at JDC is comprised of experienced individuals with industry proven expertise in improving the performance of stressed, struggling and troubled businesses, whether the scope of requirement is the very short term (a matter of a few weeks) or longer (up to a year). Typically operating at board level, our senior personnel each bring a proven track record and are experts in stabilising businesses and creating platforms for recovery and growth.

Hands on service…

The senior members of our team deliver a ‘hands-on’ service, working with management to rectify the impact of underperformance or overtrading whilst crucially managing the relationships with key stakeholders to create headroom to build a strong platform for survival and ultimate recovery.

From the outset, we aim to obtain the buy-in of both management and stakeholders, whilst stabilising the financial position of the business by utilising our extensive network of professional relationships within the banking and alternative funding sector. Once stabilisation is achieved, our focus is on recovery, ensuring continuity of relationships with key parties and assisting management to regain control, ensuring that along the way all stakeholders remain informed. JDC have a proven track record in managing stakeholder relationships, with our senior personnel possessing an impressive and demonstrable track record.

What we deliver…

  • Tangible clarity as to the current financial and operational status of the business, with a pithy assessment of the range of options available in the short term in order to survive and move forward and those available in the longer term to fully recover.
  • A detailed critical path plan that evaluates and prioritises the key issues, with clear deliverables.
  • Evaluation of cash generation opportunities that can be immediately achieved and the potential for mid-term sustainable working capital improvements.
  • Advice and assistance to management in order to maintain or regain control of the business and rebuild or maintain trust between management and its stakeholders.
  • Access to a senior member of the JDC Business Growth team to work with the board, overseeing the implementation of the recovery plan in the medium to long term.


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