Exit Strategy & Disposals

MBOs and MBIs

We have wide ranging experience of every aspect of the MBO/MBI process and remain hands-on and focused throughout. Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions. You can also download our Practical Tips brochure for more guidance.

We are potential MBO/MBI candidates. How can you help us at the early stages? We will explain the whole process to you from start to finish, identify the key points relating to your specific deal and explain to you what you might have to commit personally. We will help you test your real appetite for the deal.

How do I spot the opportunity and move it forward? We help you identify what to look for in the target business, how to analyse it properly as a potential MBO/MBI candidate and consider at an early stage the sort of deal that might be achievable.

Once the initial feasibility review is completed, how do I progress matters? Once it is clear that the opportunity exists, we can help by modelling the transaction and the future business, presenting the potential deal to the vendor in a clear and professional way and help you find funding for the deal.

How do we progress matters once past the initial stages? This is the stage of the process where our practical experience can really help you by:

  • Introducing you to legal advisers.
  • Negotiating with the vendor to agree the terms of the transaction.
  • Negotiating with your potential backers to achieve the best possible terms of finance.
  • Maximising your post deal shareholdings in the business.
  • Structuring the transaction in the most tax effective manner for you.
  • Driving and guiding the transaction process from start to finish.

What about after the deal? Will you still be there? Absolutely – this is where the work really begins! We want to work alongside you and be on hand to:

  • Advise you on the implementation of your business plan and the strategic plan for your business.
  • Make sure the right reporting structures, systems and reports are in place.
  • Help you monitor cash flow and formulate revisions to your business plan as the business evolves.
  • Work towards a successful, profitable exit.
How do I find out more? Call us and we will be happy to attend a confidential and free initial meeting on a no obligation basis to discuss your requirements.



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