What our clients say

Whatever we may say, it is our clients who are best placed to judge our performance and our abilities. This is what they say.

Blurtit LimitedTim O’Shea

Blurtit Limited

“Having worked with JDC for a few years now, I am always delighted that as well as a high level of attention to detail, I get great business advice.  I would certainly recommend Jon and his team, especially if you require someone else to be worrying about your problems for you!”

PurecontentDave Hobart

Purecontent Media Limited

“Purecontent Media Limited started working with JDC three years ago and have played a key role in the development of our business in that time.  From company structure to tax planning, they have been able to help me get to grips with the finances of my business and also develop a robust model for us going forward.  As a business owner I feel it’s important that the people helping you in these areas really understand your business, what it does and where you are trying to drive it to.  JDC have taken the time to do all of this and in turn deliver a service that it would be difficult to find elsewhere".

A Group AngliaSteve Faulkner

A Group Anglia

“During protracted merger negotiations JDC were at all times available to provide clarity of thought, together with essential guidance and were key to achieving a successful outcome.”  

Epoch PRSarah Mulder

Epoch PR

"When one of our founder shareholders exited, Jon worked with us to find an exit route that satisfied all of us, navigating the negotiation efficiently and creatively. He made what could have been a difficult process much smoother with his professionalism and experience and we would highly recommend Jon and his team.” 


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