Our Senior People

Janet Parker MBA

Janet is a qualified accountant with a Masters in Business Administration. She joined JDC Corporate Finance in 2006.

She has over 30 years’ experience in the accountancy profession during which time she has built strong client relationships and has been actively involved in numerous transactions.

In addition to her corporate finance brief, Janet is involved in the delivery of JDC’s integrated strategic planning and corporate advisory services and has produced business plans and financial models for a large number of businesses across various industry sectors.  She also remains actively involved in the delivery of JDC’s general practice services.

Janet’s dedicated, pragmatic and proportionate approach is highly valued by our clients. 

Here is Janet’s personal statement:

“The area I pride myself on the most is to understand from the outset exactly what my clients require, support and care for them, trust and respect their views and then give them straightforward and honest advice which can add intrinsic value to their business.  The fundamentals within a good company never change – a clear vision, quality products and service, a strong management team and a robust financial infrastructure are the common denominators of success, but taking a company to the next level is where expertise is vital.   I believe that the addition of external advisers who possess experience and understanding in a wide range of management areas and have the capability to engage and encourage the business to fully participate in a process to improve their performance, is an important step to achieve growth and development.”

  • “...great business advice...”
  • “...pro-active and knowledgeable advisers...”
  • “...key role in the development of our business...”
  • “...clarity of thought and essential guidance...”
  • “...regular pithy and cost effective advice...”
  • “...friendly high quality support from people who understand our business...”
  • “...excellence through expertise for over a decade...”
  • “...have always met and often exceeded our expectations...”
  • “...pro-active and professional throughout...”
  • “...doubt we would have reached a successful outcome without them...”
  • “...professionalism without drama...”
  • “...always found their judgement to be spot on...”
  • “...first class advice and assistance...”
  • “...we found their no-nonsense approach, experience and knowledge to be second to none...”
  • “...expertise and sheer professionalism...”
  • “...our key advisers from day one...”
  • “...advisers who we trust implicitly and who are genuinely committed to us and our business...”

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